CyberPower Intelligent LCD CP1350AVRLCD with not so intelligent software PowerPanel

I purchased the ups CP1350AVRLCD because of the small format, lcd screen and great uptime. My main purpose was watch 2 servers, 1 NAS, one switch and one router. No problem – those could just be plugged in.

Before purchasing I did not look at software. I just *expected* that it has some basic functionality to notify me on email and shut servers down when battery level become lower.

I was wrong. The “Personal Edition” that came with the UPS was only able to beep and shut down one computer. That did not help me. I searched for another application and found the “Business Edition”. I was ready to pay for it but no – after talking to support they told me that that software did not support my UPS. They also told me that I should buy another UPS that supported this software. This did, of course, not help me at all as I had already purchased the product.

Anyway, I was able to start that “Business edition” but I was not impressed with that either.

So, I started to try to communicate with the UPS and finally found a way to get battery level and power status from the UPS. I will now add some email support to that test application and also support to shut down multiple computers.

If you are reading this and would like to have this alternative application then please let me know!