Tough weekend

This weekend has been spent moving heavy items from Neda to me. I was out with the boys on the saturday and when I came home to the apartment it was totally remade. Neda, with her sister and mother were responsible for the makeover. It both looks and feels great.

The sunday was spent on VisualCron. It feels stable right now and I am making minor changes. I have decided what to bring in this version and what to bring in a future versions. The translators have done a great job. Almost all languages have a complete translation.

I am heading home now from the work. Time for some workout and maybe later some VisualCron development.. :)


5 days

I've spent 5 days on my new job now. Most of the time has been spent on installation and filling gaps in knowledge. There has and will be a lot of other things this week. Neda has started to move in with me. Yesterday she came to me with her car fully loaded with clothes. I had to throw away some of my clothes but I'm sure that I won't miss any of them. This weekend is dedicated till helping Neda moving to me and VisualCron.

VisualCron has kind of paused during this week but I'll continue later tonight. The most important thing is to have a stable beta so new users can try it out and old users can upgrade without having to much disturbance. VisualCron is totally rebuilt and with the changes made I have a totally new platform that better supports new functionality. I have added a lot of new functionality which I hope that users will appreciate.

I have decided that some functionality have to wait due to some problems. For example, running commands as a different user. I know this is an important feature but when VisualCron is running as a service under the system account this is impossible due to security issues. Changing serviceaccount displayed some strange error and I have to do more research there.

I'll try to post changes made here, and what I have been spending my time on.

More information later..


Post about Neda

Before mentioning her name I in any post I would like to tell you who she is. Neda is my love, grown up in Iran. We have seen each other for about three months now. It feels good - I am feeling relaxed which in itself is a very good sign.

The news is that Neda is moving in with me! We have already started planning the whole thing, which furniture to use and not. Here is a picture, isn't she nice!


Looking for energy

These days at my new job has drained a lot of energy. Maybe it is some kind of tension - I don't know. I feel comfortable anyway. I am just disappointed at myself. Last week I a lot of energy for VisualCron but not this week - yet. I have to go to the gym and look for energy over there. It's different now when I can't train on the lunchbreak. Also, maybe I should drink some more redbull!

I spent one hour playing HL2, one of few games worth buying. Anyway, I did not get any satisfaction from that either. Have to find out what's wrong..


First day at my new job

I've just been away on lunch from my new work at Cybercom. Working as a consultant may be very different from my last job. But here I am, just hooked up the new computer, installed some programs etc.

Last friday they celebrated me at my old job. Feels a bit sad to leave them all but the best time to leave is when it feels best. We went to TGI, ate some good food and then entered the party life of Stockholm.

This weekend I spent some time with the new version of VisualCron. VisualCron is a task scheduler for Windows. It has more functions and remote control. It is freeware and I hope that the users will appreciate the new functions.

Now I have to continue with the installation of software.


Serialize me!

Ripped from wikipedia:

In computer science, serialization means to force one-at-a-time access for the purposes of concurrency control, or to encode a data structure as a sequence of bytes. The opposite operation, to extract a data structure from a series of bytes, is deserialization.

When I say serialize me I am talking about the process of describing me, the text on this page are serialized versions of me. When you have all information you can deserialize the text to an object, me.

I am serious but a second truth is that all other names where taken :)

Back to bullshit. The advantages of serialization among other things are:

  • making an object persistent
  • distributing an object

This utterly boring part was the first and last description why I am using this address/username/title etc.

Over and out!


First time / My eyes hurt

I'm in a hurry but I'll try to make a decent first impression. Blogging is new to me. I am used to be a pioneer on most things on the Internet but not this time. Feels like I'm the last this time!

Right now my eyes hurt! I am a programmer and I have spent a lot of time on my personal projects the last days. I'll tell more about them later! A lot of time is being spent in front of my computer. Feels like I have been surrounded by computers all my life. I only react to silence now, cause noise is what I'm used to.

Have to go now - see you later!