BF2 is not good for VisualCron

A few days ago I tried the Battlefield 2 Demo and now I am stuck. I am thinking about buying the retail version at the release tomorrow. I don't like paying for software but I'm paying for the service, to play online etc - that's the way it should be.

Anyway, I am still making changes to the new version of VisualCron with "Time exceptions". It is some massive gui changes todo as well as coding changes.

On friday we have this holiday in Sweden called "Midsommar", midsummer. I'll spend some time with my friends and Neda to eat and take a break from work. Maybe I'll post some pictures later.


DNSExit is down

DNSExit.com is down. I haven't had any problems before so this is the first time. Anyway, shit happens. I have spent a lot of time with VisualCron these days. Some minor corrections and some building on new features.

I have some problems with running jobs under certain credentials. After some research I have found that the problems exist due to some security fixes of Microsoft. The user, which a service account normally runs under, can't to any type of impersonation, i.e. try to run a process as another user. What I have heard, this will be possible in .NET 2.0. I am really interested in beginning developing in 2.0. but a small issue :) is that nobody has the runtime, so you are on your own if you try to redistribute it. I thought that I could come around this by just changing the service so that it runs under a different user. However, this produced some other errors, the service could not log anything and logon in the SSL was slow (don't know why). When I tried to impersonate it also produced an initialization error. So I have 3 errors to handle. That's why I am postponing the credential-thing and focusing on time exceptions and running so called "missed events" (when the server has been down or something like that). After that, I promise to take care of the credential thing - maybe that will be in .NET 2.0.

Personal stuff. Yesterday, Neda and I, invited her parents along with some other family members. We ate indian food and had a nice time. Now, it's monday and I am back on work!



Cleaning VC up

After the release of the new VisualCron beta I have spent some time fixing bugs which were expected to be somewhere :) A newsletter has been created which the users can subscribe to. I try to send a mail about anf for every update I make.

Right now I am working on time exceptions, i.e. if you don't want your job to execute on a holiday or something like that. This may take some days to finish, I have spent a lot of time in front of the computer lately and I have bad concience for Neda.

Next in line is the "missed events" functionality. If you computer shuts down or something like that, VisualCron will run all the events that should have been run during the downtime, at startup.

See you later..


Cisco does not like Cisco

After months of struggling with my home network I found a solution. What I experienced was regular disturbance in the network. Listening to WinAmp radio failed after 10 minutes. Strange logs in my router. I have router Linksys RV082 (produced by Cisco). I also have IP-telephony and that device is a Cisco ATA-188. I realised yesterday that these two doesn't like each other. The problem disappeared when I placed a switch between those. I don't know why and I don't want to spend more time on that problem. I am just happy that it works now!

VisualCron 2.0.1 - Beta released!

After many months of work I have released the beta of the new VisualCron. It has a lot of new features which I mentioned before. Soo, maybe I can relax for a few hours and sit and wait for the first bug report to arrive. =) This version feels stable but I had to cut in new functionality. I will be working on the upcoming features - maybe already tonight!

Please send me your comments about the new version - I hope that I am on the right way and this version is for you out there!