DNSExit is down

DNSExit.com is down. I haven't had any problems before so this is the first time. Anyway, shit happens. I have spent a lot of time with VisualCron these days. Some minor corrections and some building on new features.

I have some problems with running jobs under certain credentials. After some research I have found that the problems exist due to some security fixes of Microsoft. The user, which a service account normally runs under, can't to any type of impersonation, i.e. try to run a process as another user. What I have heard, this will be possible in .NET 2.0. I am really interested in beginning developing in 2.0. but a small issue :) is that nobody has the runtime, so you are on your own if you try to redistribute it. I thought that I could come around this by just changing the service so that it runs under a different user. However, this produced some other errors, the service could not log anything and logon in the SSL was slow (don't know why). When I tried to impersonate it also produced an initialization error. So I have 3 errors to handle. That's why I am postponing the credential-thing and focusing on time exceptions and running so called "missed events" (when the server has been down or something like that). After that, I promise to take care of the credential thing - maybe that will be in .NET 2.0.

Personal stuff. Yesterday, Neda and I, invited her parents along with some other family members. We ate indian food and had a nice time. Now, it's monday and I am back on work!


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