VisualCron 2.5.0 released

Finally, after many weeks of work the version above of VisualCron is released. This version was an important step for me and VisualCron.

I have listened to a lot of user requests and implemented the most important things, you can read a list of changes here. Hope you'll like it!

My personal life has been suffering and I hope that this version will calm down most of the users for, at least, a shorter period. So after another weekend of work I go to sleep and wake up to my regular work again ;)


Free caribbean cruise

I just got a computer, automated call on my home phone saying that I won a caribbean cruise like this:

Congratulations! You’ve won a free caribbean cruise. To reclaim your prize, press 9. That’s the nine-key on your telephone.

I didn't press 9 - I hung up and I think that you should do it too because I have heard that they will charge you 800 Euro and you won't get any trip :)


Result is what counts

I have not been lazy - I have just been busy like a bee. In the previous weeks I have dreamt about VisualCron and worked late nights. A lot of important steps has been made both which I have mentioned before and new ones.

You, VisualCron users out there, has been lucky because the fact that I have not received my X-Station yet.

I expect the VisualCron release to be within 2 weeks from now.