Free caribbean cruise

I just got a computer, automated call on my home phone saying that I won a caribbean cruise like this:

Congratulations! You’ve won a free caribbean cruise. To reclaim your prize, press 9. That’s the nine-key on your telephone.

I didn't press 9 - I hung up and I think that you should do it too because I have heard that they will charge you 800 Euro and you won't get any trip :)


From Australia said...

We had a call today saying we had won a free cruise. My mother who is a very smart lady, who wouldn’t fall for scams, decided out of curiousity to press 9. After a lot of questions and the person asking for credit card details she politly declined the offer. The very rude American said before hanging up, you and your husband should go suck on some fu*****g balls. The person said the company they were from was Fla trip. THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED

Anonymous said...

same here, but the connection wasn't good since i live in belgium, and i couldn't even understand their questions. than they passed to a french guy but i hung up then.