Every day is a new day

I has been a while since I last posted here. I have been spending a lot of time on VisualCron. The future of VisualCron is becoming more clear. There are still of lot of things to implement but the foundation feels very stable.

The "singing-booth" is also ready now. It's a black rectangle, 1.2 * 1.5 meters with 2.2 in height. It is painted black now and I have put up some diffusers. It looks quite good and it sounds very good. I may post some pictures here later. I have to spend some time singing every day. Training singing is like training a muscle. I am very "untrained" right now but a little practice will do the trick!

Both my friend DJ and I have had very little time over to spend on our new project. But it will get better! Our next meeting is on sunday and hopefully everything will be clearer then!