Soon vacation..

It's been a lot todo lately. Both at work and home. This week is the last before my three weeks of vacation. A short vacation this year.

It's hot in Sweden. Today it is 32C and it has been like this for two weeks now.

There are many things to finish up before the vacation. I hoped to have a new version of VisualCron before the vacation but that seems hard now. I made a version but wasn't satisfied with that design, so now I am redesigning it - hopefully you'll like it. I have received a lot of interesting emails from interesting people lately. It's nice to get to know you, who you are - you out there!

A major event of this week is the arrival of my new toy. Hopefully it will be delivered by end of this week. It isn't crucial because I have so many other things todo so I can't play with it. Are you curious? :) It's a Novation X-station, a midikeyboard with integrated synth, soundcard and mic preamp. I am also building a cube for recording songs. The strategy is to order some sounddiffusers from Germany. I am not sure what will be produced - it's just for fun! But maybe I'll place a link here later!

About vacation. This year we are leaving, all of my friends to Gotland. Gotland is a small island which belong to Sweden. Next, me and my girlfriend are leaving for Sicily, Giardini-Naxos. After that, we'll visit my parents cabin in "Värmland".

Time to go home for today!

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