PAP2-T, Gigaset SL780 and change of time

Recently I "updated" my home telephony to IP-telephony. I was installing the Linksys PAP2-T IP telephony adapter together with the new Siemens Gigaset SL780 phone.

Everything worked great except one thing. I noticed, that sometimes the time on the phone was set back 7 hours. Finally, I found that this happened when someone called us. The support at Siemens had no clue - of course..

I had a hunch that the time from the PAP2-T was sent over to the phone which proved to be true. When browsing the web interface of the adapter the timezone was 7 hours off. Changing this and making one call to myself set the time right. I am not the average consumer which leads me to the question:

How in the world are we ever able to move over to new technology when setting the time on a phone requires browsing a telephony adapters web interface and change properties? New technology should be easy to implement!

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