TF31003: Your user account does not have permission to connect to the Team Foundation Server

My bad concience of not spreading my experience regarding this error led to this post. I noticed this strange popup error when I wanted to add a new user for accessing my Team Foundation Server. It was nothing wrong with the actual user, rather, I discovered it had something to do with accessing it from another computer. I could not even log in with my existing user from a remote computer without getting this error.

I found a solution and I have no idea if it is a good or bad fix - but it works. If someone knows that this is a stupid solution and have a better one then please tell me.

I figured out that it had something todo with the computer/domain name. So, I went into C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and edited the hosts-file. I added the ip and a name for that ip. I saved the file. Then I opened VisualStudio again and added that servername. The server name can be anything as long as it is pointing to the correct ip.


Anonymous said...

Are you using Vista or XP?

Deserialized said...

I am using Vista.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, that's been driving me nuts.